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Welcome to my new VP Events Website

At long last, it is here. After years of research, after many hours of working with our graphics designer, Rebecca Ludlam, PixelPOP LA and our virtual assistant and web guru Shannon Kuykendall – the new site is up. Thank you ladies for your dedication, support and sometimes kicking me in the butt to get this project done!

Time to move on to the new blog! Here it is! Many event planners have blogs and do a nice job of providing information on their events, locations and vendors they love and design concepts or photo shoots of events they would like to do. While ours will certainly include this type of information, we plan to offer more. You will NOT find DIY projects here, nor will you find hundreds of ways to save money on your next party. What you will find are photos of actual events we have designed and produced. We will offer some design ideas from time to time because, let’s be honest – it is fun! As planners who really do specialize in destination weddings, we will share locations we love. Some we have been to conducting site visits; others our clients have asked to check out for them. We will tell you what we find.

While I mentioned that we don’t focus on budget saving tips; we will provide you with good value and cost effective design ideas and specials we find along the way. We love to shop and spend money, but we hate to waste it – ours or yours! Many of our clients are focused on luxury and WOW factors and we will share trends we are seeing, locations and vendors that are really stepping it up, inspiring stories, and our latest projects.

While I mentioned that this will not be a DIY blog, it will be informative. Not only will we share what we love but we will share where we found it, and where you can obtain more information! We look forward to sharing with you!

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